Protocols For Travellers From High Risk Countries

Protocols for Pre-Arrival

Compulsory requirements for all arriving travellers

All travellers must:

  1. Submit a health questionnaire online at least 24 hours prior to arrival in Dominica (website)at
  2. Upload a negative PCR test result where samples were obtained within 24-72 hours prior to arrival
  3. Travellers must present the following to airlines prior to boarding and upon disembarkation in Dominica:
    1. Negative PCR test result where samples were obtained within 24-72 hours prior to arrival
    2. Notification of health clearance to travel

Disembarkation and Testing:

  1. Traveller will proceed to secondary screening area 
  2. A Rapid Diagnostic Test will be administered on arrival
    1. If Rapid Test is positive, a PCR test will be administered immediately and traveller will await the results in a Government approved facility (at travellers expense).
    2. If Rapid Test is negative, for a minimum of 5 days all travellers will be transported to
      1. Mandatory quarantine at a Government operated quarantine facility (OR)
      2. managed Experience at a Safe in nature certified property
  3. Safe in Nature provides our guests with managed experiences on and off property.
    1. Travellers intending to participate in the Safe in Nature managed experience should book with Safe in Nature certified properties.
    2. Safe in nature confirmed bookings must be provided at the ports of entry.
    3. All Safe in Nature certified properties have met the requirements that ensure guests' safety while enjoying aspects of the Nature Island of the Caribbean.
    4. Check here for safe in nature booking information: DHTA Booking Line -
  4. A PCR test will be administered to the traveller on Day 5 after arrival.
    1. If the result of the PCR test done on Day 5 is positive, traveller will be admitted to COVID Isolation Unit until released by an authorized Health Professional.
      Hospital fees will apply.
    2. If the result of the PCR test done on Day 5 is negative, traveller will be deemed medically cleared at the discretion of medical officials.
  5. Payments are to be made upon arrival at Government operated Quarantine facility or COVID isolation unit. All testing and quarantine fees are illustrated in the matrix below.




PCR test $100 $40
First night Quarantine Fee $400 $150
Each aditional night at Quarantine $225 $90
Meals - Breakfast $15 $6
Meals - Lunch $20 $8
Meals - Diner $20 $8

*COVID Isolation Unit Hospital Fees will apply if your cases require such. 

       6. All travellers must submit to scheduled and unscheduled checks by medical professionals.